Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP)

The Google Analytics Certified Partner program is a company level accreditation for business consultants who package, sell and deliver analytics, website testing and conversion optimization services to online businesses. If this is what your company does, consider becoming a Google Analytics Certified Partner to grow your business and boost your clients' website conversion rates and profitability.

Benefits of the Program

  • Access to a trusted and verifiable Certified badge
  • Insight into the product roadmap and beta features
  • Invitation to exclusive events available only to GA & GWO Certified Partners
  • Support for difficult technical questions
  • Contact with the Analytics Product Management & Marketing team
  • Possible speaking opportunities at Google events.
  • Possible client referrals

How to Apply

Your application should clearly address each of the criteria below. Failure to address each of the criteria sufficiently will result in the rejection of your application.

Download the Application Template

Section 1: Proficiency Requirements

  • Provide an overview of your web analytics measurement planning process, including any framework or templates used to design and deliver complex web analytics implementations.
  • Provide comprehensive details of 3 verifiable, paid, expertly deployed Google Analytics projects with 3 different clients who we can contact for reference.
  • These project samples should represent work that (a) displays your ability to go beyond simple, standard implementations (b) resulted in an exceptional amount of impact on your client or (c) indicates a high degree of understanding of web analysis.

Section 2: Business Requirements

  • You must represent a business and be legally incorporated to do business in your locality.
  • You must have some sort of electronic customer support ticketing system to manage and track customer support requests.
  • Provide proof of Professional Indemnity/Liability Insurance as appropriate for your jurisdiction ($1 million in the USA) – if this does not apply to your region, please disregard.
  • It is highly preferred to have at least 1 employee who is certified in the GAIQ test. More information can be found at Google Analytics Conversion University.
  • You must have content on your website that describes your web analytics services.

Section 3: Preferred Qualities

  • Expert knowledge of javascript, cookies, http headers and redirects.
  • In-house web designers and web developers.
  • Knowledge of other web technologies (such as flash, jsp, asp, and php).
  • Dedicated sales team and coherent strategy for client acquisition.
  • Provide evidence of proven expertise in web analytics. This can include, but is not limited to, speaking engagements at conferences, influential blogs, white papers, management bios, and/or other evidence demonstrating your expertise with web analytics.

Promise to Fulfill Requirements of the Program

  • You agree to send at least one employee to the Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit at your own expense (generally held once per year over 3 days in Mountain View, CA, USA. The Summit covers technical, marketing, and business topics as deemed appropriate by the GA Partner Program Managers).
  • You agree to provide a report (sent by Google) by the end of each quarter which summarizes all Google Analytics projects you have worked on during the quarter.

Program Termination

Either Google or you may choose to terminate your GACP status at any time and for any reason. Reasons why Google may do so include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to meet and maintain any of the criteria above.
  • Poor client feedback.
  • Failure to report quarterly engagements in a timely manner.
  • Continued failure to respond to email or phone communication from Google.

Project Sample Template

Each project sample must follow the structure below:

Text: 1 Paragraph MAX

Include website URLs and the reference contact details for your client

Section 1 - Client Overview

  • Set the scene
  • Which vertical does your client operate in?
  • Basis of engagement with you

Text: 4 Paragraphs MAX

Include Screen shots and custom code samples where possible

Section 2 - Technical Ability

Demonstrate your technical expertise and include:
  • Examples of implementing advanced features (e-Commerce / event / flash tracking etc)
  • Examples of customized code and instances where you really went above and beyond with the use of Google Analytics (eg. use of setVar function and utm_nooveride etc)
  • Your understanding of how the product works

Text: 4 Paragraphs MAX

Include charts/graphs and screen shots where appropriate

Section 3 - Analytical Skills

Now that you've done a top notch implementation, what did you do with the valuable data that was generated? Explain to us how you:
  • Identified problems on the website
  • Developed methods used to evaluate the problem
  • Assessed the situation

Text: 2 Paragraphs MAX

Include charts/graphs and screen shots where appropriate

Section 4 - Business Insight

Finally, what recommendations did you make to your client based on your work? Show us:
  • Your ability to create a hypothesis
  • The applicable business insight you delivered to CXO level?
  • Impacts on the business if your recommendations were applied

Apply Now

Once you feel that your company has met the requirements of the GACP program, submit your application using the Application Template to and we will contact you typically within 2-3 weeks regarding potential next steps. If it appears that your company may be a good fit for the program, we will set up a phone interview. If not, we may ask for more information or that you re-apply at a later date.

You may not refer to your company as a Google Analytics Certified Partner and may not use the GACP logo until Google has approved your application via email and you have agreed online to the Google Analytics Certified Partner Program Terms