Better marketing insights lead to better customer experiences.

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Businesses that integrated multiple customer and marketing data sources saw 2.6X sales growth over three years compared to peers.
Source: Harvard Business Review whitepaper


Create engaging experiences for customers.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite gives you a deeper understanding of customer behavior. Use those insights to create more meaningful experiences in the moments when people are likely to interact with your brand.

Get a complete view of your customers' journeys.

Google Analytics 360, part of the suite, shows you how customers are connecting with your brand, and delivers behavioral insights that help you create more personalized web and app experiences for different audiences. Plus, you can target them with more relevant ads. So your customers will get more of what they want, faster.

Share insights across your enterprise.

Google Analytics 360, part of the suite, makes it easier than ever to visualize and share insights across your organization to help you build a data-driven culture. And when everyone has access to useful data, they’re on the same page. So ideas flourish. And marketing results improve.

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Know what every marketing dollar is doing for you.

Did your TV commercials spark online sales? Did your new website drive traffic in-store? Blend online and offline data sources into one view that helps you make better ad placement decisions and smarter investments across your entire marketing mix.

See your customer and marketing data together.

Get the full picture of your customers with data across all touchpoints. The Google Analytics 360 Suite brings everything together in one place so your team can view useful insights and take action.

Know the direct effect of each ad.

Google Attribution 360, part of the suite, helps analyze your advertising data, online and offline, giving you a unified view of all your marketing. For example, with TV Attribution, you can map online search behavior to your TV spots and see how your marketing efforts are working together.

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“The very heart of Nest’s business is the desire to make decisions based on data instead of gut. Partnering with Google has resulted in some awesome impactful work that’s really changed how we do business here.”
Harry Tannenbaum - Head of Business Analytics, Nest

Google Analytics 360 Suite

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The Google Analytics 360 Suite combines enterprise analytics, tagging, site optimization, attribution, market research, data visualization, and audience management into a powerful measurement solution for your business. So your company can reach its goals and get better results every day, the suite includes:

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